10 Reasons To Take Wine

Wine has been around for a very long timeĀ  and has various benefits when consumed. Wine helps in:

  1. Managing cholesterol levels

A glass or two of wine when coupled with a meal every day raises good cholesterol levels which helps in unblocking arteries.

  1. Improving blood circulation

Red wine helps expand blood vessels which in turn promotes better circulation.

  1. Preventing heart diseases

Resveratol, an antioxidant in red wine protects the blood vessel lining in the heart. Consuming wine before bed enables one to benefit from it. It is recommended that men consume 300ml of wine and women should consume 100 ml less.

  1. Relieving stress

A glass of wine can help to calm, relax and energise your body.

  1. Cold prevention

Wine helps in the destruction of virus and bacteria thus helping in cold prevention.

  1. Curing sore throats

Wine is said to help in curing sore throat. By taking in small sips and swallowing slowly, it can help alleviate throat pain.

  1. Anaemia prevention

Wine is also said to prevent and even cure anaemia.

  1. Weight loss

Even though alcohol and weight loss go against each other, wine drinkers have a lower body mass, narrower waist and less abdominal fat than liquor drinkers.

  1. Bone strength

Wine consumption can help increase bone mineral density both men and women when consumed in moderation.

  1. Keeping you young

Wine consumption have significantly more antioxidants in their bodies when compared to non-wine drinkers. Antioxidants are responsible for capturing free radicals and preventing aging.

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