15 Great Ways To Pair Wine And Food

Below are the various ways to pair different kinds of wine with different kinds of food:

  1. Red wines like Pinot Noir is best paired with dishes containing flavours from the earth like mushrooms and truffles.
  2. White wines like Chardonnay are best paired with fish like salmon or other seafoods.
  3. Wines like champagne are best paired with salty foods like crispy udon noodles prepared with nori salt.
  4. Wines like Cabernet Sauvignon are best paired with red meats like beef or lamb chops as it rejuvenates the mouth after consumption.
  5. Wines like Sauvignon Blanc go well with tangy foods like scallops with grapefruit and onion salad.
  6. Dry rose wine which has the acidic qualities of white wine and fruit qualities of red go well with cheesy dishes like cheese sandwiches.
  7. White wines like Pinot Grigio pair well with light seafood dishes like tostada bites.
  8. Wines like Malbec are best paired with highly spiced barbecue sauces with meat.
  9. Sweet sparkling wines like Moscato d’Asti are best taken with desserts as it helps bring out the dessert fruit taste.
  10. Red wines like Syrah are best taken with highly spiced dishes like cumin spied burgers with harissa mayo.
  11. Wines like Gruner Veltiner are best taken with dishes containing a vast amount of fresh herbs like zucchini inguine.
  12. Wines like Zinfandel are best consumed with foods like creamy chicken-liver mousse.
  13. Wines like Off-Dry Riesling are best consumed with sweet and spicy dishes like Thai green salad with duck cracklings.
  14. Rose sparkling wines like rose champagne go well with foods like beef risotto.
  15. Old world wines like Tuscan wines go well with old world dishes like pappardelle.