6 Great Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

In the previous post, we showed you how to pair wine and food. In this post, we’ll narrow it down to pairing wine and cheese. When paired properly, you can have an amazing treat like no other. Here are 6 ways on how to pair wine and cheese together.

  1. Wines and cheeses with equal intensities should be paired together

Wines above 14.5% ABV should be paired with with intensely flavoured cheeses while wines below 12% ABV should be paired with finely flavoured cheeses.

  1. Bold red wines go well with cheeses that have age

Cheeses have higher fat content and become more flavour rich when age catches up due to water-content loss. Bold red wines have their high-tannins value counteracted by the cheese’s high fat content. Cheeses like Cheddar and Gouda with a year of age are best paired with these wines.

  1. Sweeter wines are best matched with funky cheeses

Stinky washed rind cheese and blue veined cheese are best matched with sweet wines like Moscato and Gewurtzraminer. The funky smell in the cheese is balanced by the sweet wine and vice versa. The taste of the cheese is also made creamier.

  1. Soft, creamy cheeses are best matched with sparkling wines

Due to the high acidity and carbonation in sparkling wines, it provides sticky cheeses like Brie and Muenster a palate cleansing effect.

  1. Wines and cheeses from the same areas go well together

Some examples of this are Sauvignon Blanc with Goat Cheese and Granacha with Manchego.

  1. Get a firm nutty cheese when unsure

This cheese has sufficient fat to balance out the red wine’s tannin content and sufficient delicacy to go well with white wines. A few good examples are these are Swiss and Gouda cheese.