Profiling 6 Simple Ways To Pair Food And Wine

When it comes to pairing both food and wine, 6 profiles are available for doing so. These are:

  1. Acidity in wines
  2. Fatty foods
  3. Bitterness in wines
  4. Salty foods
  5. Sweet foods and wines
  6. Alcohol types

Common ways to pair wine and food

  1. Regional pairing

This pairing is done by matching the wine with foods from the same country or sources. For example, Italian wine with Italian food and Oregon pinot noir with cow’s milk cheese.

  1. Acidic wine with acidic food

This is so that the wine retains its taste as wines with less acidity than the foods consumed will cause it to taste flat. A good example of poor pairing is chardonnay with vinaigrette salad.

  1. Sweet wine with salty food

A good example of this is Riesling wine with foods like fried rice or Pad Thai.

  1. Bitter wine with fatty foods

This is to balance the tannin with the fat and also make the flavours of the food and wine congruent to each other. A good example for this would be Italian Sangiovese with herbed potato croquette. Fat also helps in reducing the feelings of bitterness.

  1. Acidic wine with fatty foods

This is to liven up the taste of the food on the dish. Acidic wine with a dish high in fat also helps cut the fat.

  1. Alcohol with fatty foods

This is done to slow down food consumption. A good example for this would be a glass of 17% zinfandel with pepper steak to slow down the pepper steak consumption.




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