Snowy Vineyard Cold Climate Wines

2006 Old Regret White Port
This fortified wine is made from the unique Sieger Rebe (Siegerrebe) grape variety, grown on the banks of the Snowy River. The only commercial planting in Australia with distinctive lasting full flavours and a spicy bouquet. Best served chilled.

2005/6 Sieger Rebe
This highly aromatic semi-dry wine is made from the unique cold climate Sieger Rebe (Siegerrebe) variety, the Snowy River vineyard being the only commercial planting in Australia. Ideal drinking with spicy meals.

2006 Snow Bruska
A medium bodied blend of Cabernet and Riesling with full fruit flavour. Best served chilled to complement pasta, pizza or finger food. Refreshing with a dry finish.

Noble Rot Select Pick
An intensely aromatic wine with a bouquet of roses and citrus blossom and a palate of ripe citrus with hints of apricot and mandarin.

2005/6 Sylvaner/Mueller Thurgau
A delicious semi-dry table wine displaying Germanic floral spice bouquet and flavour. The grapes were not sprayed with any chemicals. A wine with a distinct flavour, well balanced and a clean smooth finish.

2005/6 High Country Riesling
An aromatic clean Riesling with distinct citrus flavours and good natural acid. A crisp, clean finish, ideal with seafood and chicken.

Gift Pack – Two BottlesĀ including:
– Sieger Rebe
– Sylvaner/Mueller Thurgau

Gift Pack – Three BottlesĀ including:
– Sieger Rebe
– Sylvaner/Mueller Thurgau
– High Country Riesling